In land scarce and labour limiting Singapore, being flexible and resourceful allows efficient transportation of cargo cost effectively.

Our air cargo trucking team are located inside the aircargo FTZ in order to access to inbound cargo 24/7 for clearance and delivery.  Subsequently, after delivery, our vehicles will collect outbound cargo back to the aircargo for export thus maxising load capacity planning to reduce costs. 

Full container trucking are located near the seaport and container yard for fast retrieval of loaded and empty containers to Consignees and Shippers respectively.

Less than truck load (LCL) vehicles are located inside the seaport so that retrieval of LCL cargoes are collected immediately upon un-stuffing for timely delivery to avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Full ranges of heavy lift equipment are available for odd size or heavy cargo transportation.

At Simply, our transportation vendors are our extended family

Road Transportation