Singapore / Malaysia

Singapore separates from Malaysia by a two 1 km bridge strategically located in the northern and western part of the island by a driving distance of 30 minutes.

Importing and exporting to & from the southern tip part of Malaysia may be best done via Singapore as Malaysia’s International airport is located about 400km away or 6 hours by truck.

We have established a reliable and regular trucking services utilising consolidated, dedicated and bonded truck between Singapore and the southern tip of Malaysia.

Singapore / Batam, Indonesia

Batam, Indonesia is about 45 minutes boat ride from Singapore.  It is a free trade zone where heavy engineering companies are located due to lower labour costs and competitive work environment for heavy manufacturing of engineering equipments.

Most transshipment are done via Singapore which has good air and sea port facilities to accommodate international transportation.

We are highly experienced with resources to transport inbound, outbound and transshipment to / from Batam including custom clearance. 

At Simply, we leverage our expertise

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